Pots in Byre has a new date this year. The weekends in September (& 1st Oct) will I hope bring a new audience to our event and perhaps catch early Christmas interest.

Dates for the 2017 exhibition are as follows:-

Sat. 16th & Sun 17th Sept / Sat 23rd & Sun 24th Sept / Sat 30th Sept & Sun 1st October
11.00 am to 5.00 pm

Cost for each artist for a full sized space is £65.00 or £40.00 for a half space

A small commission of 10% will be charged on goods sold

Space: Full size approx 7ft wide x 5ft deep – please note that sizes will vary according to shape of space

A limited number of tables and plinths will be available to use but it is up to you to display your work to its best advantage

Each exhibitor needs to provide me with several good quality photos of their ceramics together with a photo of themselves at work. (approx 1mb or 300dpi)
Good photos will attract the attention of my publicity contacts and get your work into their publications(If you have any media contacts, I can pass publicity details on to you to forward)

A minimum statement of 50 words describing your ceramic practice.
Any interesting details about yourself or your work will attract more publicity and therefore more visitors and buyers to the exhibition

The exhibition runs from Sat 16th Sept to Sun 1st Oct but we are officially open to visitors at weekends only (we do have some visitors during the week but they are by appointment only)

Re exhibitors attendance: I ask exhibitors to commit to at least one day when they can “man” the exhibition and to meet visitors and buyers. This doesn’t have to be on the same weekend, if this is not clear you’re welcome to give me a ring. A timetable for this will be sent out before the exhibition.

One of the Broadwood Hall Wood kilns will be fired during the exhibition (dates to be confirmed)
If you wish to put work in this kiln and take part in the firing you will be most welcome but there is a small charge of £10.00 per person which goes towards the cost of maintaining the kiln and replacing our wood supply.

The last weekend of Pots in the Byre will coincide with the Allen Valley Music Festival – 30th Sept& 1st Oct .
Thought it would be a good idea for everyone taking part to make a ceramic musical instrument. It can be as complicated or as simple as you wish – perhaps we can have a “performance” on that weekend

Any further ideas to enhance the event for both potters and visitors would be welcome. These could be demonstrations of ceramic practice etc., any offers or further suggestions would be appreciated.

I will be supplying fliers, invitations and posters to advertise the event

For further information please either email me or phone 01434 683268

Regards Steph Jamieson